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R.E. Marketing Services

& Prices

  • Videography

    Price Per Sq Ft
    • Best Value

      360 Tours

      Price Per Sq Ft
      • 72 Hr Turnaround
    • Aerial Footage

      Price Per Sq Ft
      • Photography

        Price Per Sq Ft
        • 11-25 Photos upon final delivery
      • Website &Retargeting

        Price Per Sq Ft
        • Website along with banner images that follows users on web
      • Virtual Staging

        Price per image/room
        • Homes that are staged sell 75% faster

      Real Estate Photography Sacramento Price List

      Sell homes faster and for higher listing prices with professional real estate photography in Sacramento. We offer effective marketing tools for both homeowners and real estate agents. Browse our price list.

      Low Prices and Fast Turnaround for Real Estate Photography Sacramento

      From real estate photography and videography to 360-degree tours and aerial footage, we offer a wide range of services to sell homes faster.

      Each of our services is competitively priced to make real estate marketing more accessible for everyone. We also provide a fast turnaround for most projects, as we understand the importance of getting your house to market quickly.

      We give you our prices upfront due to our commitment to complete transparency. You can browse our latest price list to estimate the cost of our services and compare options. We feel confident that you will not find a better value.

      Explore Our Real Estate Marketing Services and Prices

      Our selection of real estate photography and marketing solutions allows you to present your property in the best possible light. You can help your listing stand out and attract more buyers with any of the affordable services discussed below.


      Our experienced videographers can create stunning video walkthroughs of your property. We capture footage and then compile and edit it into a compelling short video that showcases the best features of your house.

      Real estate video marketing gives prospective buyers a better feel for the flow of the property and how rooms connect.

      360 Tours

      360 tours offer the best value and an innovative way for potential buyers to virtually explore your property. Instead of static images or video, homebuyers can take their time navigating a 360-degree view.

      Our 360 tours are built using Matterport software to create a complete virtual representation of your property. Buyers can look around and explore the house in more depth, which increases interest in the listing.

      Aerial Footage

      Give homebuyers a different perspective of your property with aerial real estate photography in Sacramento. We use drones equipped with high-definition cameras to take beautiful aerial photos or videos of your residential or commercial real estate.

      Aerial footage is a low-cost solution for making your listing more dynamic. The aerial photos may help buyers understand the layout of the property and yards.

      Real Estate Photography

      Real estate photography Sacramento is our specialty and most affordable service. The base price is just $0.10 per square foot and typically includes 11 to 25 photos.

      Our skilled photographers can help you create a better first impression with potential buyers. Instead of dark or blurry photos, you receive carefully composed images that make the best use of lighting and different camera angles.

      Website and Retargeting

      Creating a dedicated website for your listing can provide increased online exposure and offers a unique way to market your properties.

      Having a separate site gives you the chance to offer more details, images, video, and other content compared to a basic listing on a standard real estate site.

      Virtual Staging

      Staging a home can help you sell your property 75% faster. Professional staging involves the placement of furniture and décor to increase the visual appeal of a room. Allow us to prepare your property to improve its presentation.

      Why Use Real Estate Photography Sacramento?

      The typical real estate listing includes a handful of photos taken by the homeowner or agent. The photos are often grainy, dark, and difficult to view.

      Using real estate photography in Sacramento gives your real estate listing a competitive advantage. High-quality photos, video, or 360 tours help attract more interest as prospective buyers browse real estate listings online.

      Explore some of the benefits of real estate photography for your Sacramento property:

      • Sell your home faster

      • Professional results

      • Affordable prices

      • Sell your home for more money

      • Convenient service

      Professional real estate photography in Sacramento can help sell a home faster. Statistics show that homes with high-quality images sell 32% faster compared to homes with amateur photos or no photos.

      Working with a professional photographer also ensures that you receive superior results. You get quality photos that match the type of images you find in architectural magazines and advertisements.

      Experienced photographers understand how to compose a shot to create the most visually appealing image. They know the photography techniques and camera settings needed to deliver impressive photos of any property.

      Real estate photography in Sacramento is likely more affordable than you may imagine, especially when you consider the potential return. Listings with professional photos often sell for $3,000 to $11,000 more than comparable properties.

      Along with providing affordable prices for real estate photography in Sacramento, we deliver exceptional service. You can schedule our services for a time that works for you and enjoy a fast turnaround. Within a few days, you could be adding high-quality photos to your real estate listings or website.

      How Are Real Estate Photography Sacramento Services Priced?

      Our real estate photography Sacramento services are priced based on the size of your property, ensuring that you get the best value.

      360 Tours
      Aerial Footage
      Real Estate Photography
      Website & Retargeting
      Virtual Staging
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