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Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial Photography Sacramento

Give prospective buyers a different perspective of your property with Sacramento aerial photography services. Creating a great first impression with aerial shots may help you sell homes faster and for more money due to multiple bids. Find out how to get started.

What Is Sacramento Aerial Photography?

Sacramento aerial photography involves the use of a drone. Our experienced team can safely navigate a drone over your property. As the drone flies overhead, it captures images or video.

Traditional real estate photography involves standing at ground level with a camera and snapping photos of each room of the house. However, you rarely get a good look at the exterior of the property. You cannot see the scale of the property or gain a full sense of how the exterior looks.

Sacramento aerial photography provides a different perspective. A camera-equipped drone can showcase your home or commercial property from angles that you cannot achieve from the ground.

Why Use Sacramento Drone Photography for Real Estate?

Sacramento aerial photography is suitable for all types of real estate listings, including residential homes, commercial buildings, and vacant tracts of land. So, why use Sacramento aerial photography? The unique images that we capture from the sky offer a wide range of advantages:

  • Affordable and convenient

  • Gain a competitive advantage

  • Get listings off the market faster

  • Attract more interest in your listings

Sacramento drone photography can help supplement your existing real estate marketing tactics. Contact us today to schedule Sacramento aerial photography for one of your listings.

Affordable Sacramento Aerial Photography

Before the use of drones, aerial photography involved hiring a pilot to fly a small aircraft or helicopter over a property. The process is costly and may require booking further in advance. The use of traditional aerial photography is also often limited due to airspace restrictions for private flights.

Sacramento drone photography helped make aerial photography more accessible. We can now fly drones over residential and commercial properties in most parts of the city. Instead of fueling up an airplane or helicopter, we charge the drone’s battery and take flight.

Our aerial photography services are affordable and convenient, especially when you consider the potential benefits of aerial photos.

Use Sacramento Aerial Photography for a Competitive Advantage

The real estate market is often competitive, especially when there is a surplus of available properties. Sacramento aerial photography helps you gain an advantage over the competition. Stylish aerial photos help your properties stand out and attract more attention as prospective buyers scroll through online listings.

Aerial photos are not something that buyers see every time that they look at a listing. It adds to the overall impression that they form based on details that they find online. This simple advantage could sway a prospective buyer into considering your listing.

Sell Homes Quickly with Sacramento Aerial Photography

According to statistics available from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), homes with aerial photos sold 68% faster compared to homes with standard photos. The typical home sits on the market for about 25 days, not including the time needed for closing on the property.

When a home stays on the market for too long, it may become less desirable to buyers, forcing the owner to lower their asking price. Sacramento aerial photography may help you avoid lengthy listings.

Start a Bidding War with Sacramento Aerial Photography

Sacramento aerial photography may help you get higher bids due to the increased attention that you may attract. When you have multiple buyers bidding on a property, you have the luxury of choosing the highest bid.

In situations with multiple competing buyers, the bids are often 1% to 3% higher than the list price. For example, if a home is listed for $250,000, competitive bidding may result in offers that are $2,500 to $7,500 higher.

The Top Sacramento Aerial Photography Studio

The effectiveness of your aerial photos depends on the photographers that you hire. If you want high-quality Sacramento aerial photography, book a session with our talented photographers. We have years of real estate photography experience and have helped many agents and homeowners sell their properties faster by delivering stylish aerial photos.

Drone photography is not easy. It requires a skilled photographer who can handle navigation and taking photos at the same time. We understand what buyers look for when browsing real estate photos and how to capture the most appealing features of any room.

We know that you will be completely satisfied with your aerial photos, which is why we offer a money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with your Sacramento aerial photography, we will refund the sitting fee.

Sacramento drone photography offers the potential for you to make more from the sale of a home. Whether you are an agent or a homeowner, we are ready to help. Availability is limited, so book your session today.

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